We are being consumed , while we are consuming


“Future Talks”, where speeches about the future are made every year by the SEY Foundation, this year addressed one of the biggest problems of the age.


In the event, which was held under the title of “We Are Burning Out As We Consume”, all aspects of how we consume the world, fashion, digital environment and our psychology were discussed.


They didn’t call it “the era of consumption” for nothing. In the world where there is such a fast order, we consume everything quickly, sometimes by noticing it and sometimes unconsciously.


We do not use our resources correctly, we are consuming the life of the world.

We shop in order to keep up with fashion, we do not care about sustainability.

We do not care about the harm that textile products cause to nature.

Digital platforms lead to faster consumption, we do not spare time for ourselves.

And most importantly, while all this is happening, we are exhausted ourselves.


Semra & Enver Yücel Foundation evaluated “how we are exhausted while consuming” with experts in the field with Future Talks.


In the event moderated by Yekta Kopan, SEY Foundation Deputy Chairman Begüm Yücel, Journalist Emin Çapa, New Media Communicator Tolga Ak, Academician Prof.Dr.Haluk Gürgen, Psychologist Prof.Dr. Acar Baltaş, TEMA Chairman of the Board Deniz Ataç, and Gözde Atasoy, one of the pioneers of the sustainable fashion industry, evaluated this issue in detail.


Speakers, the world we are losing because we do not use resources properly,

He revealed what mistakes we make in the field of economy, how we consume our psychology, and how these consumption habits affect communication.


You can click on the link to watch the event where all the income from ticket sales is used for the education of girls.