The Chairman's Message


It was a very difficult year. Not only for our country, but for the entire world. During this time, while everyone was asking each other what was going on, wondering how to keep hope despite these challenges, and trying to make sense of what has been happening, we set out to create hope for a child.

And in one of the times when humanity needed hope the most, we established the SEY Foundation.

While establishing our foundation, we asked ourselves some key questions.

We all like to say that the future is entrusted to our children.

We ask, then, what are we doing to realize this aim?

Yes, when we say that our future is entrusted to our children, most of us do not think about what kind of a world we are leaving to these children.

However, before we put the responsibility of the future on their shoulders, there is an important question we need to ask ourselves.

Do all children have access to the right to quality education?

Unfortunately no.

The quality of education a child has access to is not determined by their potential but by opportunities provided by their parents.

So if the future is entrusted to all children, shouldn’t they all be considered equals?

Although it may sound impossible to achieve absolute equality in education, I believe it can be done. 

It is our duty to work toward providing every child with the quality education they deserve. And to make each of them equal, independent, and strong.

We dream that the SEY Foundation, which we established with this belief and purpose, will make many children’s dreams come true.

Hüseyin Yücel

Chairman of the SEY Foundation