Future Talks by SEY Foundation


The theme of SEY Foundation’s Future Talks this year was Woman’s Problem, Man’s Issue.

As the gender gap continues to widen by the day, so too does violence against women.

So who is responsible? Women, men, mothers, fathers?

In our opinion, everyone is equally responsible.

We at the SEY Foundation believe that if men make women’s problems a top issue, most gender inequality will steadily disappear.

At this point, there are things to be careful about in our social, business, and private lives. From the language we establish to the attitude we adopt, we make mistakes, consciously or unconsciously. And with these mistakes, we open wounds that are difficult to heal.

We aim to heal our wounds with this project.

We want to raise awareness to achieve gender equality in all aspects.

We announced our project as “Woman’s problem, man’s issue” with our Future Talks By SEY Foundation event, but now it’s time to hit the road.

We will go to 7 different cities in 7 regions.

And we will come together with young people and families there to raise awareness. We will travel from city to city to share our ideas on how gender equality can be reached. And what we should do, one child and one family at a time. As a foundation, we will do our best to turn women’s problems into men’s issues.

Watch  “Woman’s Problem, Man’s Issue”  video.