Semra Yücel

Semra Yücel was born on March 16, 1957, in Istanbul.

After graduating from Çamlıca Girls High School, where she won a scholarship at the boarding school in 1974, she completed her undergraduate education at Istanbul Technical University’s Department of Mathematics Engineering.

After graduation, she entered the world of education, which she passionately loves and to which she has devoted her career.

Semra began her career as an educator at Uğur Dershanesi and continues her service in the field of education to the present day as a member of the Executive Board of Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions.

Semra married Enver Yücel, the President of Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions, in 1981 and is mother of Hüseyin and Begüm Yücel, and grandmother of Ada, Peyker, Aslan and Kaplan.